Saltwater Game Fish Poster

Here’s another poster. Collection of saltwater fish, fisherman’s knots, and hooks for ocean fishing and angling.

As with other projects posted, click on the image for a larger-size file. Enjoy!

Michelleswork coming to Urban Outfitters!!


I am so ridiculously excited to have been asked to license my original artwork for Urban Outfitters!!! I can’t wait. Really. Here’s a quick banner I made to celebrate :) Updates on the way!

Deepak Chopra – SECRET OF LOVE event banner!!!

Here is the stripped artwork for Deepak Chopra’s the SECRET OF LOVE event in Los Angeles on SundayAugust 21st!!!!! This is the first time ever Deepak will be performing live with his band, sharing his insight on the secret of love (really, it’s going to be AMAZING)

Click on the image below to be directed to the event information – tickets, time, location, etc. — I would love love to see you there!!!!!

So excited to be working with such a great team of people… I have one more surprise on the way too :) stay tuned.




Mojave Desert



Mineral Poster – 2

After a good solid month of focusing on web projects and album artwork, booking photoshoots and planning new projects… my brain officially fried, shriveled and died. I feel like my creative process has hit a sort of limbo – now ALL art decision making is tough, color saturations are tough, and forget about font discernment (it takes me hours at this point).

So to combat the creative wall I’ve been hitting as of late,  I decided to photograph my personal rock and mineral collection, and put together a poster that had no preset layout, format or function. Its almost entirely a necessity for me to sometimes create art that starts with NO direction or thematic purpose. To start with a blank page and nonexistent idea is sometimes the best creative medicine for my brain :)

As far as the poster goes, I’m still not entirely sure what EXACTLY all of these minerals are — but the sulfur and fossilized agate coral are among my favorites. If anyone actually knows the titles of each of these specimens, that would be wildly amazing since I’d love to know (especially G, M and P). I am absolutely an amateur when it comes to mineralogy, BUT an admirer nonetheless.

((((Click on the images to see full-size))))


WILL BE AVAILABLE NEXT WEEK — I’m going to do some research over the weekend on different options, and post Price/Shipping information for anyone who is interested in purchasing the poster

stay tuned!! xoxo

Poster: A Collection of Minerals

Quick mineral poster I put together this afternoon for a creative practice. I plan on soon photographing my ENTIRE rock and mineral collection and making a new poster.

Click on image for FULL size…

Los Angeles, CA

how I will always remember LA in summertime…

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Nick & Lauryl

Caterina Scorsone photoshoot

So a few months ago, I had the fabulous job of photographing Caterina Scorsone, from ABC’s Private Practice. We worked on a wide range of editorial-styled images all focused with use for Caterina’s press and media needs. We ended up having SUCH a great time,  especially once the costume wigs came out!! Below is only a super super short sneak-peek of what we accomplished during our photoshoot – I’m looking forward to sharing the rest once the images get published!

Check out her IMDb here!! 

Hair by: Jeffrey Fetzer

Makeup up: Coleen Olwell-Campbell

Caterina Scorsone Website!

Designing Caterina’s website was a super fun challenge, and a great start to learning web-design skills – while being surrounded with a lot of wonderful support and people (BIG thanks to Aviva Cohen for basically being my translator and guide in the giant world of mysterious web-lingo). My photography is featured throughout the website and I am so so excited to be sharing the entire thing with you!!

Visit it online now!!!

Solar System Poster

Click on the images above to see the larger version!!

Bird Necklace [FOR SALE]

I am selling a hand-sculpted ceramic raven-skull necklace – $85. Comment below if you are interested, leave a comment on my facebook here, OR send over an email!

Chain measures at 20″ (can be cut shorter if requested), and skull pendant measures at 2″.

The upside to used candles

Feeling sick today and got around to hammering an old, used-up candle, and then turning it into this. Been a dream of mine for a while now to make my own iron-cast jewelry…