Sold Out

Oops! It looks like Urban Outfitters has sold out of the Michelleswork Minerals Print !!!!  I am currently in the process of looking at new printing options, so I can sell these directly to whoever is interested.

If you would like me to keep you updated about printing, please send me an email at:

I will do my best to get this covered as soon as possible!

IF YOU ARE AN INTERNATIONAL BUYER: Yes, I DO ship internationally, and I would love to send you one. Please email me with your name and current City/Country. I am able to process international shipping costs faster when I have that info up-front :) Typically, shipping costs run between 10-15 US dollars. Email:

NEW Jewelry Line is on the way!

Excited to announce this new line of Michelleswork Jewelry!! I began working on these pieces a couple weeks ago, inspired by the beautiful weather, springtime and sun-kissed shoulders from hints of summer in the air (really, 84 degrees in early March!). I cant wait for the smell of sunscreen, oversized sun-hats and sandals :)

Custom Silhouettes!

Over the past month, I have been having a wonderful response to these hand-drawn silhouettes of my friends Katie and Mason after I designed their engagement cards – so I decided to start selling the custom work on my page!

Each head is $60 (animals too!!) — and save on a bundle price of $200 for any family of 4 silhouettes.

Turnaround for these is guaranteed within 2 weeks, and I require a 180KB+ size profile photo of EACH head (so that I am able to recreate details, and ensure that each silhouette comes out looking like the real-thing!) These pieces are all completely %100 hand-drawn and are made with lots of love and care. Final product will be sent over as a large formatted digital jpeg so that you are able to print, re-print, send, post and use your silhouettes for whatever you want! There IS an option available for those of you who want a physical, painted or drawn silhouette – but we would need to discuss the type of canvas/paper, size and color of what you’re looking for, before I begin working!!

You can email me at: with any questions, comments, or orders.

These make GREAT gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagements, graduations — really ANY special occasion!



Michelleswork: The New Look of 2012!

No better way to celebrate the new year than by revamping my logo, and updating my blog! Hope the changes find you well :) I love the new look!

Creme Brulee

Gem, Rock and Mineral Society of Los Angeles California

The society doesnt actually exist… unfortunately. But the prospect of one, gave me a good enough inspiration to create a logo for it (also, after researching local rockhounding locations for 3 hours today) Maybe someday?

The Michelleswork Holiday Sale Begins!! :: Part 1

I will be releasing 3 PARTS to this holiday sale. One part per week!

I have been creating my own necklaces for the past 5 years, and am SO excited to finally have created a collection that I can give away!!! I would like to mention that ALL the materials I use in my jewelry are entirely unique, vintage and are found at local estate sales — including the chains.  The .22 caliber bullet casings were found buried in the sand on the shores of Sardis Lake in the wonderful state of Mississippi. The Moroccan coral is sourced from 1970’s vintage jewelry (I do not support coral aquaculture and farming), and all vintage jewelry boxes are recycled.

These pieces will be shipped (or given, if you live locally) in the box they are photographed with. They will be individually wrapped with beautiful ribbon and a makers note. I hope you will enjoy wearing these pieces, as much as I have enjoyed collecting, creating, and boxing them.

In Love,



Michelleswork Thanksgiving Meal

After I made the recipe page for my pumpkin cheesecake… I REALLY couldnt help but photograph our entire thanksgiving meal and create a spread for it.

Click on the images to see a larger version.

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe

Happy Thanksgiving!

Couldn’t help but photograph this beauty after I stayed up until 1230am baking last night.

Click on the image to see a larger, readable version of the image and recipe :)

Michelleswork Holiday Sale – Coming Soon!

I am really excited to announce that Michelleswork will be having a Holiday Sale this year!! There will be handmade jewelry available to purchase, as well as a couple other surprises :) I am working really hard on getting these pieces finished as soon as possible, so that I can get everything posted, priced and packaged!!

IN THE MEANTIME — to kick off the holiday sale, my Minerals Poster is available now on 

Stay posted  :)

Mineral Poster available at Urban Outfitters stores AND online!!!

It’s officially official!! My Metallic and Nonmetallic Minerals Poster is available for purchase in select Urban Outfitters stores, and online!
Click any the images below to be directed to the page where you can purchase the artwork, and have it shipped straight to your front door!

Support In Love – SEAL BEACH


I am so, so overwhelmed to see how many people have adopted my image — it’s truly a reflection of how united our community of Seal Beach is, and really just how powerful the message of love is. I woke up to a mess of facebook notifications, and began to cry when I saw the impact of having hundreds of my little blue hearts all over my news feed, touching even people who I have never met before in my life. As a designer, moments like this truly reinstate my passion for visual and graphic arts. And as a friend, I am lifted by the tremendous support our community has shown.

My heart pours out to everyone that has been affected by this tragedy.

Seal Beach is our home.

Share the heart on facebook, twitter, myspace – wherever. Print out the heart, and wear it proudly tonight (10/13/11) at the Candlelight Ceremony for the Losses of the Seal Beach Tragedy – from 8pm till 11pm at Salon Meritage. I hope to see you there.


Supporting in Love,

Michelle Bandach

Elyse Levesque — Web/Photoshoot

So thrilled with the results of this project. Pictured below is the website design I created for Elyse — which is actually already up and running! Click on the image to be directed there. More of my photographs are featured throughout the site.

BIG big thanks to the ever-supportive and knowledgeable Aviva Cohen for her masterful skill with web coding. Dont know what I’d do without her!

And below here, is a quick portrait study from the images we took during our photoshoot (which, may I add, was shot in only TWO hours!) – Our whole team really pulled it off considering the short amount of time we had. I have to thank Sarah Sullivan for her wonderful talent as a hair and makeup artist, and Meredith Ambruso for her overall presence and aesthetic prowess.

I also still have a few projects from MONTHS ago, that I am in serious need of updating here on the blog. Hang tight.

As with my other postings, if you like something you see, click on the image and you’ll be directed to a bigger version!!

The Face of Femme Forte – A Portrait study of Elyse Levesque

Photography: Michelleswork

Styling: Meredith Ambruso and Michelleswork

Hair and Makeup: Sarah Sullivan

In Love, Michelle Bandach

Elyse Levesque sneak peek

Hi. Yes, I’m still around. Somewhat. I’ve been on a perpetual ride, and haven’t had much mental and physical time to coordinate any of my work for you. Blog and communications have fallen by the wayside. Apologies abound.

With that said,  I needed to post a quick sneak-peek of this photoshoot before I never do. I shouldve had this up weeks ago. Regardless, I am excited to share more of these with you as I finish up this project and get things rolling again — Elyse was SUCH a pleasure to work with. She is a model/actress/superwoman extraordinaire, and you might know her from the TV series Stargate Universe. xx