Summer Celebration – Cake and Popsicles

GOSH! It has been such an incredibly wonderful summer, I have completely let my blog slide!

I figured since the season is starting to slip away, I would post one of my favorite memories from the past three months. These are original recipes of my own that really celebrated all the wonderful goodness of berries, cake, watermelon and vegetables!

Even though it is over a month old, I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gretchen — she currently has a blog of her own that documents the wonderful renovations of her 1950’s cottage in Prairie Village, Kansas City (which is where we held this lovely birthday event!). You can see read all about her home, her dogs, and her homeowner projects here:

Please let me know if any of you re-create the recipes! I really can’t say enough good things about them. Especially the popsicles. And I guess especially the cake. I really can’t choose which one was better!!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer. I will be posting new things as soon as I can get back up-to-speed with my project. There will be some new jewelry for purchase, as well as a new poster. Can’t wait to share with everyone.



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