The Michelleswork Holiday Sale Begins!! :: Part 1

I will be releasing 3 PARTS to this holiday sale. One part per week!

I have been creating my own necklaces for the past 5 years, and am SO excited to finally have created a collection that I can give away!!! I would like to mention that ALL the materials I use in my jewelry are entirely unique, vintage and are found at local estate sales — including the chains.  The .22 caliber bullet casings were found buried in the sand on the shores of Sardis Lake in the wonderful state of Mississippi. The Moroccan coral is sourced from 1970’s vintage jewelry (I do not support coral aquaculture and farming), and all vintage jewelry boxes are recycled.

These pieces will be shipped (or given, if you live locally) in the box they are photographed with. They will be individually wrapped with beautiful ribbon and a makers note. I hope you will enjoy wearing these pieces, as much as I have enjoyed collecting, creating, and boxing them.

In Love,



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