Support In Love – SEAL BEACH


I am so, so overwhelmed to see how many people have adopted my image — it’s truly a reflection of how united our community of Seal Beach is, and really just how powerful the message of love is. I woke up to a mess of facebook notifications, and began to cry when I saw the impact of having hundreds of my little blue hearts all over my news feed, touching even people who I have never met before in my life. As a designer, moments like this truly reinstate my passion for visual and graphic arts. And as a friend, I am lifted by the tremendous support our community has shown.

My heart pours out to everyone that has been affected by this tragedy.

Seal Beach is our home.

Share the heart on facebook, twitter, myspace – wherever. Print out the heart, and wear it proudly tonight (10/13/11) at the Candlelight Ceremony for the Losses of the Seal Beach Tragedy – from 8pm till 11pm at Salon Meritage. I hope to see you there.


Supporting in Love,

Michelle Bandach

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