Elyse Levesque — Web/Photoshoot

So thrilled with the results of this project. Pictured below is the website design I created for Elyse — which is actually already up and running! Click on the image to be directed there. More of my photographs are featured throughout the site.

BIG big thanks to the ever-supportive and knowledgeable Aviva Cohen for her masterful skill with web coding. Dont know what I’d do without her!

And below here, is a quick portrait study from the images we took during our photoshoot (which, may I add, was shot in only TWO hours!) – Our whole team really pulled it off considering the short amount of time we had. I have to thank Sarah Sullivan for her wonderful talent as a hair and makeup artist, and Meredith Ambruso for her overall presence and aesthetic prowess.

I also still have a few projects from MONTHS ago, that I am in serious need of updating here on the blog. Hang tight.

As with my other postings, if you like something you see, click on the image and you’ll be directed to a bigger version!!

The Face of Femme Forte – A Portrait study of Elyse Levesque

Photography: Michelleswork

Styling: Meredith Ambruso and Michelleswork

Hair and Makeup: Sarah Sullivan

In Love, Michelle Bandach

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