Korey Dane

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have Korey Dane sit down in front of my lens for a couple hours. It was the first time I was able to flex the portrait muscles on my Canon mark ii… and for the past 5 hours I have been drooling over the bokeh and crispness of detail. I used natural afternoon lighting for all the images, some warehouse-bought fabric for a backdrop, and an old projector screen… just for good measure.

My absolute favorite images are below. I wasn’t even able to edit them because the balance of colors, contrast and lighting was just too, too perfect to mess around with. The mark ii is officially my new lover after this shoot. I. LOVE. IT.

If it isn’t obvious enough already, Korey was such an amazing subject to shoot. From the coat to hair. And I should mention that it’s always great making friends over the incessant purr of a camera shutter. Do your ears a favor, and check out his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/koreydane

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