Images From The Road


So after years of being goaded by 60’s culture (and Kate Hudson’s golden locks bouncing on the Almost Famous tour-bus), I finally indulged in America’s 20-something generational pursuit. I went on a 5,000-mile road-trip.

I did not become a drifter. A hobo. A beggar or a tramp.

But I became a vagabond. I was tired, but married to the asphalt. The miles turned into hours, which turned into cities, and faded back into country skies shifting between clouds, storms and endless blues. At night, we did not drive, but instead made homes in hotels or went boating beneath bands of Milky Way stars.

In the towns, it was close to impossible to blend in with locals: Los Angeles oozed from our style and manner… but this became close to us – reminders that we were yet unable to settle but instead press onwards. We were tired. But we were married to the asphalt.

As the images above will attest, I was somewhat fascinated by the desert landscape. This will be the first of SEVERAL posts dedicated to images captured on the trip… There are many, thousands, more that I have yet to search through… These are simply taken from the sides of roads we traveled.

As I quickly and semi-unconsciously wrote on my facebook : I would like to stay vagabond-ish, forgiven, maybe even forgotten, but especially untamed. In spirit.

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