Things I Find

!!!!!!!!BEFORE!!!!!! you begin reading… good music is essential::


I love making my own jewelry. Especially when the pieces I use come with a history – unique, local, and spanning owners across decades.

All of these small pieces I personally find and match: the chains follow the same process. I have been visiting estate sales for the past… 5(?) years, and (being extremely picky) the charms I choose come far and few between – so months of searching and work may go into a single necklace.  All except for the “Teeth” necklace have been created this way; that one I found of the shores of Costa Rica.

And for the most part, I remember the exact locations of the houses where each of these pieces came from. The Gull was my first find – and the Magnifying Glass, my latest. Favorites (as of now) are the Bear and Cindy. Snow Quartz I wear with almost every other necklace. There’s one necklace that’s missing from my collection… a fang carved out of bone. I’ll upload a photo when I find it…

I dont think I will be wanting to sell any of these pieces… but I have thought long and hard about the possibilities of starting a small business selling some of my more unique finds. Maybe.

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