Eucalyptus Wood Coasters

Hi friends! So I’ve embarked on a tangible project this time — Eucalyptus coasters. Forget the computer screen… this time I wanted my hands to get dirty…

So I am selling these coasters (yay!) and would be delighted if any of you wanted to purchase a set. There are more details below (specs and prices). I would love to share my work with you all :)


– 100% LOCAL Eucalyptus Limb Wood (completely sustainable pruning – good for the health of the trees!)

– 100% Handcrafted, Hand-cut

– Sealed and Polished

– Waterproof, Crack Resistant

– Measures approx. 4″ diameter (will fit regular-size coffee cups, with some room to spare)

– SOME bundles have “handles” ^^^^^ See above images for what these look like!! (coasters with “handles” are sold together, so they match)

**SET OF FOUR will be wrapped (as seen above), including tea — $23

You can either comment here, or send me an email (


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