This Garden of Mine…

Summer-time, for me, is remembered in flashes of continuums: the weight of a dress, hot skin, white skies, and the unsuccessful divorces of days and weeks.

This summer will be remembered by all these things, but also the lingering smell of tomato leaves on my fingers, and the feel of the kitchen salt bowl.

And I’m not sure if it’s just me, or if other gardeners agree that homegrown tomatoes just taste entirely different from the fruits you buy in stores (and even farmers markets). I understand the indulgence of self-nurtured projects… but seriously. THESE are tomatoes. The stuff in plastic bags should be called something else.

Here’s a small overview of what was picked from the garden today. It seems like the peak of the harvest is still a few weeks (maybe even a month) away, but these are my first signs of increased production. I have to say, the black cherries are my favorite — they’re complex without being meaty. The hawaiian currants are my second pick — they barely make it the 15 feet from the garden to the backdoor.

There are still more varieties growing – Heirloom Zebras, Clusters, German Greens, just to name a few. Oh yes, and my grapes are finally pulling through. I planted that guy about 3 years ago… and I can’t wait for my first bite.

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