Whisky a Go-Go Poster

I love designing posters. Love.

And it’s always especially rewarding when I’m allowed to use my own photography in poster work. There’s always the anticipation of seeing the final result as the photograph evolves with text, colors, and composition.

And look here… good rap is hard to beat listening to while making art. No kidding. It’s like tapping into an untouched, rushed, stream-of-conscious that kicks the ideas out of your fingers and head, and spits it out onto your medium. ESPECIALLY when it’s kissed with some lo-fi and funk. Ugh. Immediate mental grooves. I luckily stumbled upon this song the other day in the car (hadn’t heard it in a loooong time), and I had to listen to it while working on the poster. Ignore the goons, I guess Prozack Turner’s myspace left the universe.

Anyway, you must check out Angie’s stuff on myspace. She has some killer blues influence, and her lyrics are very, very well-informed… ((shout out for the Womyn’s Studies department at CSULB!)) Take a look, take a listen. It’s very well worth your time>

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