Gretchen’s Birthday

It’s hard to remember the very first time I stepped into an aquarium. But witnessing Gretchen experience the underwater world for the first time was wonderful, and definitely brought me back a few years when I was barely tall enough to reach into the interactive tide-pools. It was an overall great day though (minus the fact that our butts were ridiculously sore from hitting the tennis courts a few days before), and I have been considering looking at some membership prices — or special b1-g1-free days — so we can return with our cameras and a sack-lunch.

And I’m not going to lie. This. Cake. Kicked. Ass.

Gretchen’s favorite – Carrot. I regret (regret regret regret) accidentally dropping and destroying one of the layers while assembling the cake. But seriously. I am re-making this cake soon. I loved how it ended up looking. I loved photographing it. I loved tasting it.  Maybe I’ll make it for the Fourth. Maybe for my birthday. or Maybe just for the heck of it because it was delicious and moist and tasty. Maybe.

She looks like a kid in a candy-shop.

Happy Birthday Gretchen.

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