The Process

So I’m picking one of my favorite projects to write about. This is sort of like an “insight” to my creative process, from how it started in its very first conceptual stage – all the way to the final product.

Rob Giles emailed me, asking me if I was interested in doing his album artwork. I said yes (of course) and we began discussing lightly the thematic elements of the feel of his cd. He emailed me this exact list:

flamenco dancing
red purple black
old photos

The complexity, and overall immediate intensity of the list made a very, very bold image in my head. I knew it had to be strong, but it had to be beautiful. It had to be daring, but it had to be delicate. And I wanted blood.

So, the list set off a thought process in my head, and within twenty minutes I had a bull drawn on a scrap piece of paper next to my laptop (1). I didnt have any old photos, or anything I could remotely think of using with an old photo, so I grabbed a piece of old “purple and black”, vintage wallpaper (I go to estate sales, and I collect random items like this…) and scanned it into my computer. Once I rotated and fixed the pattern over my bull the way I wanted, I then set his name and moved to what I wanted to stand out: the blood (2). So, at this point, I knew I had achieved my first solid stage of the project. I liked where it was going, and I liked the immediate feeling it gave off.

So I began to add depth to the image (3), and re-centered the focus of the bull (4), added the title and struggled to find a balance between the text, and overall imagery (5-6). Rob saw my progress, and mentioned he wanted a catholic, religious aspect within the image, so I added the subtle suggestion of rosary beads (7). The weight of the additional image created a new balance, where there was a necessity to enhance the text and overall boldness of the album cover. At that point though, we both agreed that the new balance that had been achieved was a little overbearing, and we reverted back to the previous look (8). Once I messed around with the positioning of  the title text, and its size, we both settled on an off-center look, and concluded it was done!


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