In high school, I was once asked what inspired me the most in art. I realize, now, that my answer hasn’t changed at all since then, considering I think I have always been (and probably always will be) intrigued by the objection of the face. Appropriately, some of my earliest work indulged in the theme of people and faces (as seen below). Eventually with some practice and the gift of receiving a polaroid camera, my work progressed to film. And from there, it didn’t take me long to slowly edge into the subtleties of the design already apparent within my art:

So, basically, I like photographing people. I love the idea of portraits… and I love the idea of combining aesthetics between colors and faces. Here is some of my more recent work:

Honestly, it’s a bit weird writing this out and actually seeing the ways in which my aesthetic has changed over the past 6 years, and all the ways it also hasn’t changed much. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it spelled out so clearly.

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